What to wear for pole fitness classes:
       What you would normally wear for a fitness class. You will need to wear shorts eventually for some moves as you do need your skin to help to grip on the pole.
         I do know that some people are conscious about showing skin so I recommend the use of PVC leggings but bare in mind that  they will be probably damaged by the pole.
         High heels are only allowed for parties, NOT for fitness. You can wear  ballerina shoes, trainer socks or even be barefooted if you want.

What to wear for pole parties:
          Bring shorts or short skirts (bare skin will help you in some moves as mentioned before) and vest tops but you can come however you like, even in fancy dress, is up to you! You can bring high heels to dance in but you must bring trainers, ballerina shoes or socks for the warm-up and cool-down.